Price List

  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Santuario Divino Memorial Resort reserves the right to correct any unintentional error that occurred during the preparation of the price list.
  • Penalty of 4% per month shall be charged in case of default in payment
  • Withdrawal/Back-out and Failure to pay the downpayment and/or monthly amortization per schedule of payment shall give Santuario Divino Memorial Resort the right to automatically cancel and forfeit all payments made as liquidated damages even without prior notice.
  • Indicated price refers to purchased property only. Interment/Inurnment/Exhumation fees are collected separately.


Family Mausoleum and Patio

Santuario Divino Price List Family Mausoleum.JPG


Lawn Lot and Niche

Santuario Divino Price List Lawn Lot and Niche.JPG



Santuario Divino Price List Columbary Santuario De San Lorenzo Ruiz.JPG



Santuario Divino Price List Ossuary Santuario De San Lorenzo Ruiz.JPG