Santuario Divino Memorial Resort is a one-of-a-kind memorial resort in Bacoor City that provides families with a tranquil and comforting place to remember and honor their departed loved ones. By design, Santuario Divino seeks to uplift grieving hearts and give families left behind enough space to heal.

Unlike other memorial parks, Santuario Divino has the look and feel of a country club; a relaxed and bright atmosphere to counteract the feeling of loss and grief. The look and feel of Santuario Divino move away from somber in favor of serenity. Here, we make a difference by enhancing the way we celebrate the lives of our dearly departed. We provide an atmosphere conducive to reflection, remembrance and healing.

What makes Santuario Divino different is our unique approach to the scope of need and demand in memorial services.

Our amenities include:

Funeral chapels with spacious viewing rooms
Tranquil lawns, walkways and pathways
Modern cremation facilities
Funeral chapels
Memorial benches, trees and gardens
Café, restaurant and Private dining halls
Hotel accommodations
Sole spa
Playground and swimming pool area
Ample parking space

We also will provide modern services for the convenience of our mourners like:

Online Burial
Funeral Organizers
Catering Services
Hotel Amenities

When we lose a loved one, we not only mourn their passing, we also remember and cherish the many ways they have touched our lives. Here at Santuario Divino Memorial Resort, we celebrate lives well lived.


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